HOTGEN Covid-19 antigen rapid test

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HOTGEN Covid-19 antigen rapid test, approval for private use / special approval 5640-S-057/21


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Covid-19 test ideal for:

Kindergartens / day care centers

Schools / universities


Tour operator

Airlines / shipping companies

Hotels / hospitality

Catering establishments

Public events, trade fairs and congresses

Companies that cannot work from home

Large companies / factories / manufacturing plants

Care facilities

Opticians / podiatrists / medical supply stores


Nail salons

Cosmetic studios


Public facilities

Package content per unit:

1 pack COVID-19 HOTGEN rapid antigen test

1 piece coronavirus antigen test cassette

1 piece of sampling tube with cap and extraction buffer

1 piece of sterile swab

1 piece of disposable bag for disposal

1 piece of instructions for use

Sensitivity: 96.62%

Specificity: 99.76%

Accuracy: 97.31%

PZN: 08012178

Bfarm: AT282 / 21

This is how the quick test works

The tests with lay approval work on the principle of other COVID-19 rapid tests. They require a swab from the nose or throat to show evidence of a viral infection. The main difference to a regular pharmacist test is that the smear is taken in the front of the nose or throat and not in the back. Therefore, the test procedure does not require a medically trained professional to properly perform the specimen collection.

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